Machinery List December 2018

19 December 2018


Head office: Venneveld 1 | NL-4705 RR Roosendaal | Tel.: + 31 165 564040 |

Ronald Mekes Owner/CEO + 31 6 531 452 34
Ronny Wouwermans Sales Director + 32 473 82 39 37
Léon Lagrand Sales Director + 31 6 830 415 00
Marc Canals Director de Ventas Spain + 34 679 41 20 30
Claudio Scotto Direttore Vendite Italy + 39 339870 4618
Bernard Meunier Sales Manager France/Algeria + 33 787 02 24 18

15877 Kolbus WF100+LS100 used digital signature folder 2017 Immediately

WF100 digital signature folder, AS100 reject delivery, LS100 signature stacker, TS SU stack mover

14764 Heidelberg Stahlfolder KH82/4 KZ automatic used combination folding machine 78x128 2008 Stock

CLEANED, round pile feeder RFH-82, 4 motorised buckles, automatic roller adjustment, pre-mounted slitter shafts, lift kit, 2 cross fold knives, automatis size adjustment, Palamides Alpha 500 delivery

15497 Heidelberg TH66/644 used all buckle folding machine 66x128 2008 Stock

round pile feeder, 1st folding unit 6 buckles, 2nd folding unit 4 buckles, 3rd folding unit 4 buckles, gate fold buckle,

15295 Heidelberg Stahlfolder TH66/48 used all buckle folding machine 66x128 2006 Stock

rotary feeder, 1st unit with 4 buckles, 2nd unit with 8 buckles and HHS cold glue system with 6 guns, SPH 70 shingle delivery with pressing roller, extra:possibility to put in the first unit a ROBATECH hotmelt glue system with one nozzle

15955 Heidelberg Stahlfolder KH 66-6 KTL used combination folding machine 66x104 2004 Immediately

pallet feeder with Tremat suction head, 1st folding group with 6 buckles, 2 cross fold knives, 1 side buckle after first knife, SBP vertical delivery with pressing unit

15569 Heidelberg Stahlfolder Ti 52-4Kb used combination folding machine 52x84 2008 Stock

flatpile feeder with Tremat suction head, anti noise hoods, 4 buckles, cross fold knife, shingle delivery

15956 Heidelberg Stahlfolder Ti 36-6 KBi 36 used combination folding machine 36x65 2013 Immediately

folder to handle lightweight stock for pharmaceutical and miniature leaflet folding, flatpile feeder with Tremat suction head, 1st station 6 folding buckles, KBi 36 cross fold unit, Stahl SBP 46 horizontal stacker delivery

15629 MBO T800/442 used all buckle folding machine 78x120 2006 Stock

dualfeed round pile feeder, vaccum sheet infeed and sheet alignment system VIVAS, navigator machine control with touchscreen, anoti-noise hoods, 4 buckles first folding group, 4 buckles 2nd folding group, 2 buckles 3rd folding group with RFE sheet return device, MBO SDAP 46-ME delivery

15772 MBO T800/442 used all buckle folding machine 78x120 2004 01/2019

suitable for 16 pages, round pile feeder, anti-noise hoods, 1st unit 4 buckles, 2nd unit 4 buckles, 3rd unit 2 buckles with RFE sheet return device, Desta BS STB500 pressing delivery

15431 MBO K74/4KTL used combination folding machine 74x105 1982 Stock

flatpile feeder, 4 buckles, 2 cross fold knives, 1 side buckle after 1st knife, shingle delivery

15773 MBO T520/44X used all buckle folding machine 52x84 1999 01/2019 Option

suitable for 16 pages, flatpile feeder, counter MBO MS, 1st folding unit with 4 buckles, 2nd folding unit 4 buckles, anti-noise hoods, X-knife to fold 16 pages, shingle delivery

15870 MBO T520/4 used all buckle folding machine 52x84 2000 Stock

flatepile feeder, 4 buckles, belt delivery

15954 GUK FA 43 10-4 K used all buckle folding machine 43x85 2004 Immediately

folder to handle lightweight stock for pharmaceutical and miniature leaflet folding, flatpile feeder, 1st folding station with 10 buckles, 2nd folding station with 4 buckles, EK300 cross fold knife, KS 175/2 vertical stacker delivery, HHS glue system

15774 MB CAS 52/4 used all buckle folding machine 52x84 1999 01/2019

flatpile feeder, counter, 1st folding unit with 4 buckles, motorised size settings, anti-noise hoods, Desta Bas SA 350 pressing delivery

15868 MB CAS 38 used automatic buckle folding machine 38x65 2003 Stock

flatpile feeder, 4 motorised buckles, belt delivery

15841 Stahl VFZ 52.D used seperate knife folding unit 2005 Immediately


15725 MBO Z2 used mobile knife folding unit 2006 Stock Option

knife folding unit

15726 MBO Z2 used mobile knife folding unit 2006 Stock

knife folding unit

15727 MBO Z2 used mobile knife folding unit 2006 Stock

knife folding unit

15728 MBO Z2 used mobile knife folding unit 2006 Stock

knife folding unit

15637 Binderhaus used creasing and folding machine 2014 Stock Option

to fold covers with flaps, Heidelberg flatpile feeder with Tremat suction head, Vinderhaus R50/14 DUO creasing system, Baum folder folding unit with 4 buckles, shingle delivery

15506 Palamides BA 900 used automatic pressing delivery 2000 Stock

wrapper, stack and paperband fits to folders/saddle stitchers, 4-up production, waste sheet ejection, pressing unit with pre -and main pressing, short setting-up time

13386 Stahl SBP 80 used vertical delivery 1982 Stock

with pressing unit

15514 Stahl MKE 86 used marking device 1990 Stock

marking device

12442 Stahl MKE 86 used marking device 1988 Stock

marking device

12489 Stahl MKE 66 used marking device 1986 Stock

marking device

15720 Lechner BP 2000 used bundle press 1976 Stock

bundle press

15931 Muller Martini Muller Martini Bravo Plus Amrys used saddle stitcher 2007 immediately Option

equipped with: manual station, 4 feeders 370, cover feeder 1529, 4 stitching heads, Trimmer 449 with double production, Perfectto stacker Only 15.500 production hours

15340 Muller Martini Primera A110 used saddle stitcher 2009 Stock Option

CHECKED AND CLEANED, 6 feeders 1555, cover folder feeder 1529, trimmer 449, delivery belt, pumps

15296 Muller Martini Prima Plus used saddle stitcher 2004 Stock

CLEANED, 6 feeders model 370, cover feeder model 1529, SEMKO thickness controll, stitching unit with delivery to the rear, 2 stitching heads, Trimmer model 449,  no pumps

15684 Heidelberg Stitchmaster ST 100 used saddle stitcher 1998 Immediately

4 double vertical feeders (= 8 stations), 1 UFA cover feeder, ST stitching station, 2 Hohner Universal 52/8 stitching heads, TR 100 trimmer,

14633 Muller Martini 3738 used streamfeeders (2x) 2001 Stock

mini-infeed for connection to MM370 feeder long extension of 2.220 mm

15705 Muller Martini 221 used inserting machine 1972 Stock

rebuild in 2012, to insert folded sheets before sewing, 4 feeders E6, no stitching unit, delivery belt

15408 Muller Martini 1564 used delivery belt Stock

delivery belt

15619 Muller Martini 3693/24" used solo gathering machine 2006 Stock

handfeeding station, 18 stations gatherer 3693/24″, Universo stacker delivery

15850 Muller Martini 1536 used criss-cross unit 2001 Stock

suitable for connection to a Muller Martini 1571 gathering machine

15490 Muller Martini 3715 used reject delivery Stock
15108 Muller Martini 3696 used gathering element 2009 Stock

for extension of existing gatherer to Bolero/Alegro/Corona, 2 twin feeders (= 4 stations), ASIR signature recognation

15552 Muller Martini 1571 used gathering elements 1999 Stock

3 elements of 2 stations

15494 Muller Martini Alegro A6 used perfect binding line 2016 stock

only 17 million books produced, handfeeding station, 24 stations gatherer 3692, ASIR 3 signature recognation system, reject delivery 3715, binder with 17 clamps, hotmelt spine glue unit with Premelter, hotmelt side glue unit with Premelter, VPN spine glue nozzle system with MOD35 Premelter, drum cover feeder, 2 nipping stations, coveyer system, Ambaflex drying tower of 23 m, MM Frontero 3674 front cutter from 2007, MM Solit full automatic three knife trimmer, MM CB-18 compensating stacker

15614 Muller Martini Acoro A5 used perfect binding line 2006 Stock

approx. 24.000 production hours, 21 stations gatherer 3693/24″, reject delivery 3715, binder with 20 clamps, hotmelt spine glue, hotmelt side glue, PUR spine glue, gauzing station, drum cover feeder, 2 nipping stations, conveyers, MM Merit S three knife trimmer, MM CB-16 compensating stacker

15982 Muller Martini Trendbinder 3018/27 used perfect binding line 2001 03/2019

suitable for soft cover perfect bound books with hotmelt glue, handfeeding station for 2 persons, 9 stations gatherer 3691, ASIR 3 signature recognation control, ASAC self adjusting caliper control, set-up element, reject gate for incomplete products, intermediate element, binder with 27 clamps, main milling station, first spine preparation station, second spine preparation unit, base for first spine gluing station,intermediate drying station (infrared), base for second spine gluing station, base for side gluing station, exchangable hotmelt spine gluing unit, exchangable first a second cold glue spine gluing unit, exchangable hotmelt side gluing system, premelter for hotmelt spine gluing system, premelter for hotmelt side gluing system, stream cover feeder, first nipping and pressing station, Strayfield SGS 6 (6 KW) HF High Frequency dryer, second nipping and pressing station, laydown device

15646 Muller Martini Tigra 1570 used perfect binder 2001 Stock

handfeeding station, 10 stations gatherer 1571, Hotmelt spine gluing, Hotmelt side gluing, pile cover feeder, cover nipper, lay down device, conveyer belt system, Muller Martini Merit three-knife-trimmer (1996), Metsi stacker

15281 Horizon BQ 270 used perfect binder 2007 Stock

1 clamp, milling station, hotmelt spine and side gluing, cover feeder with scoring rollers, LCD touch screen

15819 Wohlenberg Champion 7000 used perfect binder 1998 03/2019

handfeeding station, 24 stations gatherer sprinter 7011, criss-cross delivery, bookbloc feeder, 22 clamps, PUR spine glue, PUR premelter, hotmelt, cold glue, gauzing station, cover feeder, 2 pressing stations, conveyers, Trimtec, three knife trimmer, Kolbus stacker, paper dust suction system

15786 Wohlenberg Quickbinder PUR used perfect binder 2007 01/2019

handinfeed, milling station, 5 clamps, PUR spine guing, Hotmelt side gluing, cover folder feeder, gauzing station, nipping station, vertical delivery

15871 CP Bourg BB3001 used single clamp perfect binder 2001 Stock

Hotmelt spine glue tank with 2 rollers, milling station, LCD control panel, cover feeder and cover nipper, delivery belt

15979 Muller Martini Zenith S used three knife trimmer 2008 03/2019 Option

colour monitor with touch screen, including infeed conveyor, automatic infeed, infeed from the right, integrated pre-stacker, exchangeable cutting tables (standard set), belt delivery, knife changing device, 2 sets of knives

15680 Muller Martini Merit S used three knife trimmer 2001 Immediately

approx. 31.000 hours, infeed from right, motorized size setting

15791 Horauf SN140 Demand used automatic three knife trimmer 2008 01/2019

handinfeed, colour touch screen, complete format changes in 3 minutes, belt delivery, notorised size setting

15849 Wohlenberg Trimtec 75i used three knife trimmer 32x41 1998 Stock

infeed from the right, integrated pre-stacker, cutting cassette system, 2 sets of knives

15864 cutting cassette for Kolbus HD 151 P Stock

no. 20

15865 cutting cassette for Kolbus HD 151 P Stock

no. 6

15981 Muller Martini 3502 used book splitter 2008 03/2019

left hand infeed, automatic hopper feeder for inline production, 1 saw blade, belt delivery with turning conveyor, model 3506

15401 Muller Martini 3501 used booksplitter 2002 Immediately

infeed magazine, booksplitter 3501, turn-over belt 3605

15402 Wohlenberg TS8000 used booksplitter 2005 Immediately

infeed magazine, booksplitter, turn-over belt

15980 Muller Martini CB 16 used compensating stacker 2008 03/2019

compensating book stacker, delivery to the left, roller table delivery

15983 Muller Martini used conveyor system 2008 03/2019

escape delivery included, barcode reader, control cabinet

15553 used hotmelt glue tank for Muller Martini Acoro A5 Stock

hotmelt glue tank

15807 Cermi XCR 100 used front cutter 2006 Stock

set-up element, Vacuum belt for opening the cover, lay down device

15679 Solema 25 mt used dry tower 2001 Immediately

infeed from left, straight exit left

15595 Robatech PUR 20 MOD used premelter 2006 Immediately

spine glue pot with rollers, suitable for Kolbus KM 472

15444 used cutting cassettes 1-3 2004 Stock

suitable for Muller Martini Zenith S

15445 used cold glue spine and side glue unit 1997 Stock

for Wohlenberg Master

15294 Muller Martini used gauzing station 1995 Stock

prepared for Starplus and Starbinder

15377 Nordson XNO 921 used PUR system 2003 Stock

with PUR spine gluing unit with rollers, suitable for Kolbus 410 B

15551 Robatech used PUR premelter Stock Option

with glue pot with rollers for Muller Martini Acoro A5

14245 Muller Martini used hotmelt side glue unit stock

hotmelt side glue unit. suitable for all normbinders and starbinder

14413 Muller Martini used hotmelt premelter 50 l Stock

manual tap, NO level control

13359 Muller Martini used cold glue pot for Normbinder SC Stock
15101 Kolbus XRS 130 used stacker 2003 Stock

for using as a compensating stacker following a three knife trimmer, for stacking of book blocks, brochures and magazines

14688 Gardner Denver SAP530 used side channel vacuum pump 2007 Stock

blowing air to be used for a gathering machine up to 9 gathering elements

14781 Tecgraf S82 used splitting saw 1990 Stock

booksplitter for double production,bookbloc feeder, 1 splitting saw, turnoverbelt S84

15778 Horauf Compact 60 used casemaker 39x66 2008 01/2019

board pre-pile belt, non stop cover material feeder, flexible spine rollers, short set-up times, delivery belt

15640 Kolbus PE 312 used embossing press 2013 Stock

case pre-stacking conveyor, DBA casing bending machine, straight delivery conveyor with delivery table

15799 Fomm used embossing press 1965 01/2019


15800 Fomm used embossing press 1962 01/2019

embossing press

15611 Roda ABC 140X140 F/P used automatic board cutting line 1996 Stock

pallet feeder, first longitudinal cutting station, second transversal cutting station, automatic delivery

15797 Kolbus KS used cloth cutting machine 1964 01/2019

cloth cutting machine

15822 Hunkeler VEA 520 KS used endsheet tipping machine 1989 Immediately

Robatech hotmelt system

15776 Sigloch LEH1 used ribbon inserting machine 1990 01/2019

standard scissors

14706 Sigloch used vertical conveyor 1997 Stock

1 x 90 degree curve, 1 x 180 degree curve

15703 Fomm used bookrounding machine Stock


15438 Kolbus FN used nipping machine 1975 Immediately

15887 Kolbus XBV 150 used stack packing machine 2017 Immediately

book stack packaging machine with shrink tunnel for bundle wrapping, foil unit, shrink wrap unit, shrinktunnel with cooling fan, straight delivery

15793 Kalfass Universa 400 Eco used full automatic side sealer 2008 01/2019 Option

Siems S7 control panel, compact 650 shrink tunnel

15214 Hausmann Unopacker B 500 used form foil wrapping machine 1995 stock

for wrapping single books with DS500 shrinktunnel

15184 Beck V600 used foil packing machine 1989 Stock

with shrink tunnel, suitable for piles of books or magazines

14979 Sitma C740 T used foil packing machine 45x50 1996 Stock

CLEANED, shrinktunnel

15804 Siat SW 2 M.J. Maillis used pallet wrapping machine 2006 01/2019

belt driven carriage, safety switch under film carriage, carriage speed adjustable, control panel, photocell to detect pallet height

15511 Maff ST 45/08 used shrink tunnel Stock

15858 Morgana AutoCreaser Pro 33 used high speed creasing/scoring machine 70x32,8 2012 Stock

fully automatic, 7″ smartscreen touch screen

14672 Billhofer KC 104 used thermal laminator 140x110 2005 Stock

automatic pallet feeder type A-20, laminating thermal station KW-HM 104, unit KA-HM-104, automatic sheet separator TM-104, pneumatic belt system S-4, stacker S-20, control console, glue tank, electrostatics, ionizing air nozzles

15647 Gantenbein Rolong Rael used spine rubbing machine Stock

maximum size: 135 mm (thickness)

15746 Robatech Roba 30 used nozzle glue system 1998 Stock

nozzle glue system

15581 Ambaflex SV-400-1800 used drytower 2005 Immediately

50 meters belt, entrance from the left, diameter 240 cm, height 210 cm.

15081 Minipack Torre FM-76 used foil/film wrapper Stock

foil/film wrapper

15434 Muller Martini 6211 used electrostact blocking unit 1998 Stock

electrostact blocking unit

15745 Toni Behr Pull BV used tester Stock

good and not good qualification for hotmelt, dispersion and Pur

15406 HK249 used eyelet stitching heads Stock

4 heads

15165 PoliPack JA 2060 TL used sealing machine 1991 Stock

sealing machine

15046 Renz ECL 360 used electric wire closing machine 36 2002 Stock

electric wire closing machine

15091 Renz WBS 340 used manual wire closing machine Stock

for wire comb binding, also usable for double closing

15442 Busch KF 175 used waste conveyor 2005 Stock

small horizontal and large triangle

15518 Durselen PB0ST used drilling machine 1993 Stock

4 heads

15373 Durselen used drilling machine Stock

2 heads

15781 Hang 106 DT used drilling machine 01/2019

2 heads

14749 GBC AP-2 used ultra automatic punch 30.4x29.8 Stock

with interchangeable die sets

14377 Beier UER/F used round cornering machine Stock

round cornering machine

15050 Krause used corner cutter Stock

corner cutter

15801 Robust 1200 used cardboard cutter 1978 01/2019

cardboard cutter

15505 Schimanek used cardboard cutter Stock

cardboard cutter

15722 Bickel used creasing -and perforating machine Stock

creasing -and perforating

14926 OMM Marchetti 210 used creasing and perforating machine 1997 Stock

with foot pedal

15783 Bickel used perforating machne 01/2019

perforating machine

15171 Termostabile 269 used labelling machine 2004 Stock

labelling machine

15519 Muller used feeder with one drive 1992 Stock

with one drive

01759 Busch GW O/S used jogger 43x43 1967 Stock


15084 Planatol used mini jogger 2003 Stock

mini jogger

15085 Planatol used mini jogger 2002 Stock

mini jogger

15748 used creasing machine Stock

creasing machine

15570 Hohner Exact Plus used semi-automatic stitching machine Stock

manual feeding, 2 x Universal 52-8 stitching head

15512 Brehmer 103 used single head stitching machine Stock

single head

15645 Polygraph 103 used single head stitching machine 1955 Stock

single head

15784 Agrafix used wire stitching machine 01/2019

wire stitching machine

15080 Bostitch used wire stitcher Stock

wire stitcher machine


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